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Landscaping Experts in Grass Valley

About Us

Rick & Jim Landscape Contractors is providing landscaping services and lawn care. Our landscaping contractors are fully licensed professionals. So, whether you’ll be assigning us to residential or commercial establishments, we can do the job expertly and efficiently. Our company does irrigation and maintenance at rates you can afford!
Our company exists because we want to serve people who love to be in nature. When you call us for help, we make sure that you won’t get disappointed but rather satisfied. Maintaining your property can be really expensive, but with us, we will help you achieve the lawn care and landscape you have in mind at reasonable rates. Beautiful landscaping is not only meant for people who have money, but for all of us who wish to have a relaxing and comfortable garden.
Hiring contractors for your landscape is extremely important because only professionals can really maintain its beauty. This is especially true for commercial establishments like resorts, hotels, and more. Of course, the service fee varies. Rates will be based on how big the establishment is. However, the good thing about that is of course the lawn care maintenance is duly attended. Pleasant environment and great landscape can really uphold your property value. So, if in the near future you are planning to sell your property, you better get landscaping contractors today from Rick & Jim Landscape Contractors!